Dress It Up


Shreya Mathur

ABOVE: DHS students dressed up for superhero day on Monday, October 7.

Students at Dublin High School rallied up their school spirit as they prepared for the homecoming dance by dressing up for the various dress up days all throughout homecoming week, October 7 to October 11.

Unbelievable amounts of spirit swept through the Dublin High campus as homecoming week brought about exciting dress up days for each day of the week.  Monday brought about superhero day, as many students were able to portray their favorite superheroes and and express their own power; Patriotic day came about on Tuesday as students expressed national pride in red, white and blue; Wednesday brought about pink day, Thursday was homecoming shirt day, and Friday was Gael force day.

In terms of preparation for homecoming, sophomore Anvita Valluru described that by holding dress up days, students are able to get into the school spirit, and build up that excitement and energy that leads up to the homecoming dance or any other special event.

Senior Vivian Li described the excitement found in dress up day as “wearing something that’s different than what you usually wear, and having everyone wear the same thing.”

This allows students to feel excited that there is a day in the week where they can go out of the box, and come up with amazing outfits to represent each of the days, so it was no surprise that dress up day rallied up so much excitement.  Some students will even attempt to go to greater extents in order to prepare a fantastic outfit for dress up day.

“Today is superhero day, and I went out and bought a superhero shirt – I try to do every single one that I can” Li said, as she described the outfit she had decided to put together for superhero day. “I love dress up days!”

Well, since students enjoy the fact that they are able dress up once in a while, should there be more of them?

Absolutely – students, such as Li, said that they loved dress up days and truly wished that they were held more often.  Li had also described that she wished dress up day would occur at least once a week, while Valluru said that she would definitely prefer Dublin High to dedicate more days to dressing up.

“I would prefer the school to hold more dress up days, because they help raise the school spirit and it is very interesting seeing other people’s creative ways of dressing up” Valluru said.

One thing is certain – Dublin High will never be short of school spirit; go Gaels!