Dear Meems 6

Dear Meems,

   My friends and I are going to different schools in different states after high school and I always thought we were unbreakable but it feels like we are breakable now. I want to keep in contact with them but I don’t know how. What are ways to keep our friendship strong?

Scared for the Future

Dear Scared for the Future,

     Congrats on finally leaving high school and officially starting your “adult life”! You don’t sound very optimistic which may be a reason why you’re so scared to lose your friends. Friends come and go and that is an important thing to understand. They’re going to move on with their lives and you should do the same. In college, you’re going to meet tons of new people and feel okay with not seeing your old friends every day. That being said, it doesn’t mean you’ll have no contact at all with them after high school. If they’re really your “Besties for Life <3” then they’ll make an effort to stay in touch.

   Ways to do this are to video chat at least once a week or once every two weeks. Schedule a day when none of you are busy and sit down for an hour at least and just update each other on what’s new. Also, Snapchat, the app, is a way to update them without having to have a whole conversation. Just snap a picture of your face or what activity you’re doing that day. Social networking is also a powerful in keeping in touch. Many teachers say that they kept in touch with Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. These sites help update you and your friends about the little things of your life like new relationships, jobs, or adventures.

   They’ll always be your friends but you have to give each other space to live their college lives. You’re gonna love college and you won’t feel so sad about leaving them. Just make time for them and make sure they do the same so you can live your college life but still keep some good friendships.

Best of Luck,