Soccer Season Update

This year DHS Soccer is poised to take on their new league, EBAL. Both Men’s and Women’s teams will be entering the league virtually blind as to what the competition will bring. However, we do know that our rivals, Dougherty Valley, will be entering the league with us.

The Men’s Varsity team is quite adamant about going all the way this season, and taking on the underdog position in their new league. They had a small taste of EBAL last year, playing teams like Livermore, Foothill, and SRV in the Tri-Valley tournament. Although the results of these match-ups proved Dublin’s ability to take on EBAL, the Men’s team did lose in the quarter-finals last year to Monta Vista. How will the team adapt and overcome these power-house teams? We’ll have to wait and see, but some players already have their eye on gold. Captain Trent Wakaluk of the Men’s Varsity team is still optimistic, stating that he has “full confidence in his teammates” and they the team is “capable of achieving great things this year.” The team is focusing on each and every detail of their play, and are sticking to their 4-4-2 diamond system that focuses primarily on a defensive stance, allowing a limited amount of goals to be scored on them. The team has an intense offense lined up for upcoming opponents, including players such as Cole Heinbaugh, Ivan Rivera, KC Hailab and Allen Nguyen.

We also have the Women’s’ team starting the season off strong, dominating their first opponents. They too will be facing off against new EBAL teams and are going into each league game with little information to base their play off of. Despite this, the team stays optimistic and hopeful. Senior Varsity player Jenny Dyer says that the team has “started off with intensity” and hopes to continue it. Jenny’s most looking forward to “creating memories and having this great group of girls by [her] side during [her] last season.” We know these girls are going to give it their all and are looking for a repeat of last year, making it to the quarterfinals, and go even further this year.