Students Boast about Track Coach and Teacher, Ms. Velez

It is before school hours, and several students are inside Ms. Velez’s classroom, getting help with school work, and talking to her before the bell rings. School begins and Velez has classes to teach. With as many students as she has, she always sets aside time to help every individual student. After school is the same as the beginning of school, students come into her classroom before she leaves for track practice, it’s a typical school day.

With her integrity, dedication, and drive she has managed to balance her classroom, and athletes on the track year round. Ms. Velez is an Algebra and Trig/Pre-Calc teacher at Dublin High, and also the assistant track and cross country coach.

Ms. Velez has been teaching for nine years and coaching for four years. She plays a very active role at Dublin High. In 2007 Ms.Velez also received the Crystal Apple Award, which was given by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is an award given to selected teachers that have displayed excellence in the classroom.

As years have passed, more and more students have gotten the privilege to join the team, or enroll in Mrs. Velez’s class. With their experience with her throughout the years, students have nothing but good things to say about her. Junior Kendall Morrissey has been Velez’s student since the beginning of the this year.

“I can count on her to have a smile on her face every morning, she’s by far one of my favorite teachers,” Morrissey explains. “I’ll also be her TA next year, there’s no doubt that she’ll make my senior year a wonderful experience.”

Ms. Velez’s classroom has numerous notes from students and athletes thanking her for the time and effort she puts into to help others. There are also prom, sports and senior pictures on her back wall from current and graduated students. She is very involved and active in their lives and it’s easy to see that they’re thankful for her. Junior Christelle Bamezon moved here this year and is one of Ms. Velez’s trig students as well.

“Mrs. Velez is one of the few teachers I’ve had that has gotten the time to help me after school,” Bamezon says. “She is really patient and takes the time to re-teach me the material.”

If you don’t think she’s busy enough, Velez is also taking classes on her own time to get an administration credential. She does this throughout the week and on the weekend she manages to fit this, track and grading as well.

“Even though Ms. Velez is always busy I can always count on her to teach me material, and talk to as a friend as well,” Morrisey continues.

According to athletes on the Dublin High Track and Field team, Velez has guided athletes through their season by assisting them at practice. Sophomore Mecca McGlaston had a lot to say about her coach.

“Ms. Velez has been so special to me since the beginning of high school,” McGlaston says. “I love having her support on the track, and off.”

Through the students eyes, Ms.Velez will always be an important figure in their lives.