Men’s Soccer Wins NCS

The men’s soccer team at Dublin High has once again put their mark in school history, being the only sport to win NCS not only the for the first time since 2010, but once again now in 2014. On Saturday, March 1 at 2pm Dublin played against Hercules High School to earn the title of Division Two NCS Champions.

“The game was so intense and like everyone was working hard,”said junior Jacey Luzzi.

  The game started off with Hercules having the kick off and sending the ball to the top right corner of Dublin’s half. Two minutes in, and Hercules obtained the first corner of the game, sending the ball into the box but getting cleared out by a Dublin player.

With both teams hustling, five minutes in a free kick was awarded to Dublin at the 35 yard line, which was taken by right back Christian Brosius. Solomon Khorami took a shot off the kick but missed. Another free kick was given to the Dublin team 13 minutes into the game, and was taken by Brosius again.


Fans cheered on both teams and the urgency to score with each second that passed by, gave the players a strong motive.

Hercules played with a cool and collected composure that helped them advance into the defensive third of Dublin’s half. 20 minutes in the game and a PK was given to Hercules, which they scored off of, putting them in the lead 0-1.

With 15 minutes left in the first half, Dublin fought hard to make a comeback, which Hercules reacted with aggressiveness to prevent a goal. 10 minutes left of the half and a foul was given to the Dublin side at the 30 yard line. Taken once again by Brosius who took this opportunity to take a shot and sent a rocket ball over the keeper’s head to the top right corner, tying up the game 1-1.
“The most memorable moment of the game was then Christian Brosius scored off his free kick,” said sophomore, starting forward, Solomon Khorami.

Both teams battled out in the last few minutes of the half and with two minutes left a foul against Hercules in the box gave Dublin a PK. Taken by senior Anthony Herrington, he aimed for the corners and the ball slid right past Hercules’s goalie, putting Dublin in the lead right before the end of first half 2-1.

Dublin started the second half with a kick off amped up from the previous half. With Hercules determined to win, they made their way two minutes in, into Dublin’s half and split the Dublin defense, giving Hercules a shot on goal that found its way to the back of Dublin’s goal–tying up the game once again 2-2.

The first foul of the second half was awarded to Hercules 12 minutes in at the 30 yard line was shanked above the goal. With all the work that Dublin put in this season, everything was on the line for them. Senior Dom Katunarik took any chance that was available to score and sent a risky shot at the 30 yard line that was saved by Hercules’s keeper. Toward the end of the half with the game still tied, both teams stepped up their game and made many plays. A cross from the left side of Dublin’s defensive half sent the ball fumbling around in the box, giving the Dublin keeper Totaro a memorable save.

With only two minutes left of the half, a long throw in by Zach Schmidt at the 30 yard, which Dylan Tuell then bicycle kicked the ball, made the crowd jump on their feet. Saved by the Hercules keeper, the second half had come to an end.

Double over time was then the next option to find the winner of this game. Two 10 minute halves were played and the first team that scored would have won the game; the golden goal. But after 20 minutes of battling neither team had scored.

The final stage of this game had come and it was time to put the game to an end. PK’s. Each team selected 5 players to have a shoot out, which determines the winner. With many great saves by both keepers and carefully aimed shots, the game deciding goal was taken by senior Matt Samaro who, struck the ball to the back of the net. Within that one second, Dublin High’s men’s soccer were NCS champions once again.