Wrestling off the Mat


Students of Dublin High all know that every sport takes a certain amount of commitment but wrestling has a whole different level of dedication to strive for the goal they want.

In order to wrestle during a match, the athlete is grouped with people of a similar weight class. Wrestlers try to be in a lower class because it is easier to defeat somebody that is small rather than huge. This causes players to cut weight meaning they choose to have a healthier  choice of food choice, sweat a lot, and even avoid drinking water.


“I have to cut weight so I can lose all my body fat to be able to wrestle in tournaments.” stated Edwin Manlapaz, a junior.


Cutting weight can be very unhealthy because students need nutrients to behave normally.


Water is also good for the body because it hydrates your system, increases energy, and flushes out toxins. Not having water can be dangerous for wrestlers because it causes fatigue. They avoid water because the body naturally retains water which means it’s harder to lose water weight and can cause them to be more heavy.


“I lose water weight by wearing warm clothes to run.” stated Nathan Fisher, a junior.


Although it seems like being a wrestler has a lot of downturns, players seem to really enjoy being part of the team. After all the training and not being able to eat delicious junk food it all is worth it with the attention of the audience.


“Despite everything, it is definitely worth it because the rush you feel when you win is amazing” explained Austin Doleys, a junior.


They are able to feel the eyes spectating them and when the audience roars it means the world to the wrestlers.


“I have to say, I love the attention it makes me feel great.” Erik Dejong, a junior stated. “I also have the best support from my team.”

Wrestling makes the players feel very good because after all the dedication and hard work, it pays off during the meets and tournaments.