For the [Men’s Basketball] Record


The deep rooted rivalry between Dublin High and Dougherty Valley came out last Tuesday during the men’s basketball game.

Walking into the Sports complex the tension was high as they usually are when Dougherty Valley comes to Gael Territory. With the Gaels on one side and the Wildcats on the other, chants were exchanged even before tip off. Parents and students held their rivalry spirit against each other, cheerleaders were showing off their best. It was a sight to see.

As the game began there were problems on both sides. Sadly Dublin was cheated out of two possessions when Dougherty Valley stepped out of bounds. During the game Dougherty Valley took a jump shot hitting the top of the shot clock which should have been called out however it wasn’t called by the refs.

“It was really frustrating to see the refs not call really crucial shots, you know?” junior Jabari Jefferson said.

The game was close and left the crowd on their feet for much of the first, second, and third quarters. For both sides frustration was evident. People screamed at referees for fouls that were not called as well as for calls that were unjust.

The Gaels missed many free throws and many of their shots were from the free throw line. Also Dougherty Valley got five offensive rebounds and one possession in the late third quarter and early fourth quarter. An injury to one of the Dougherty Valley players in the fourth quarter gave the Gaels hope we could make a nine point comeback.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the case. The final score was Dublin High with fifty four  points and Dougherty Valley with sixty six. As the crowds flew in and out of the complex and the stands filled for the women’s basketball game the Gaels banned together and rose above the rude chants Dougherty Valley said. Next time DV won’t get away that easy as DHS will be coming out strong. The gaels will always win as a team and lose with honor and Dublin High will always admire them for that.