Lacrosse Coach

The start of this year’s lacrosse season is just around the corner, and newcomers are joining last years team going to weekly practices before tryouts. It’ a normal start to the season except for one thing, our Dublin High School men’s lacrosse team has a new coach.

The coach is a teacher new to Dublin High, Mr.Parsons is teaching English for his first year and is in line to take over as head coach of the lacrosse team.

“Technically I’m not the coach yet because the season hasn’t started,” said Mr.Parsons.  However, he is still out on the field coaching the team and helping everyone get back into shape.  “A lot of the coaches were defensive before, but I want to go with a stronger offensive plan this year.”

Mr.Parsons is going to be the coach when the season starts but why is he a good coach?

“I have ten years of experience playing lacrosse and two years of experience coaching it,” said Mr.Parsons.  “I played at Amador Valley High School, UC Davis, and I’m currently playing men’s club lacrosse.”

“I know lacrosse is a growing sport in this area and I want to be a part of that”, in addition to all of his experience and new plans, Mr.Parsons wants to start team building, “I like planning team events like pasta feeds and team trips during long breaks.”  With a new team and a new extremely experienced coach, this year’s lacrosse season is likely going to go well for our Dublin High men’s lacrosse team.