Competitive Sports Not Offered at Dublin High

Sports have always been a part of the high school life. As Dublin High’s student population grows, there are more and more kids who find that the school does not offer whatever sports they play,  even if they are known as school sports. The sports that Dublin High offers are Football, Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Golf, Swimming, Wrestling, Tennis, Cross Country and Track & Field. While it may seem like a lot of sports, many students are still missing out.

“I have been playing badminton for about four years now,” explains Benson Kung, a Junior at Dublin High. “In seventh grade, my mom pretty much forced me into playing it and I’ve loved it ever since.”

Badminton is a sport played at several schools, such as Amador Valley High, Dougherty Valley, James Logan, Washington and more.

“Badminton used to be a school sport offered at Dublin, but it got cut for some reason. By the time I was a freshman, it was already not a part of the school,” Kung explains.

“I feel that it’s not too big of a deal, mainly because there are only two people that I know of that actually play seriously at Dublin High. If it was a school sport, I would definitely play,” Kung continues.

“I have played hockey for about twelve years now,” says Robert Durst, a Senior at Dublin High. “When I grew up in Minnesota, hockey was pretty much the state sport, so I have been playing ever since.” Currently, hockey is not a school sport, but like many other sports, is very competitive.

“At Dublin High, we have a hockey club, where we pretty much start a league of our own and play other clubs,” explains Durst. “Although it would probably be way better if Dublin High had a team of its own. I don’t think that hockey is not a sport at Dublin High mainly because it’s not popular enough in the area and the budget may be too high for the school.”

Like badminton, there are other sports that school’s play that Dublin does not offer.

“I have been playing water polo for the last three years,” explains Turbold Baatarchuluu, a Senior at Dougherty Valley High. Though it is a school sport, water polo has a very small league, according to Baatarchuluu. The main reason Baatarchuluu believes that Dublin does not have water polo as a sport is because of our pool; he explained it to be both too shallow and small to use for water polo.

Out there, there is a variety of sports that many play. Dublin High, like many others, is a growing school and the sports department should look into these special sports, or even improve current sports.