Girls Varsity Volleyball: NCS Awaits


Erin Bradley

ABOVE: Girls Varsity Volleyball Game on Senior Night.

NCS Championships are here once again, and Dublin High’s very own Girls Varsity Volleyball team has played in the first round of the NCS Championships. They advanced to the second round and played Saturday, November 16.Their season ended with a final score of 25-22 against Las Lomas. They’ve been pushing, giving everything they have until the very last point. The Varsity team overall has a record of 13-12 in the 2013 season. This team is very hungry for victory and they are giving it 100 percent this season.

Volleyball practices three times a week, has games on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, and has the Sports Complex filled with parents and fans of the Varsity team. During practice, the team covers all the key aspects throughout the game.

“We actually practice a little bit of everything during our practices like serving, passing and hitting,“ Senior, Haleigh Hawkins says. “But we always practice our rotations and our plays we run.”

“They focus on whatever they need to improve on from the last game they played.” Senior Hannah Neckar says,

The pace of Volleyball is play by play, each time something new happens, whether it’s someone getting set up for a spike and a kill, or someone gets an ace from a serve. An ace is when the server serves the ball and either doesn’t get passed or the pass goes out. That is what keeps the game interesting, because you’re always on your toes.

This season especially, Dublin High has been fortunate enough to have a group of ladies who are eager and so dedicated end up in the NCS Championships. They’re a team on and off the court, and they continue to push through the season together.

In order to win a game of volleyball, a team needs to win more sets than the other team. In high school, an overall game can go up to 5 sets.

“We are the only team to take them to 5 games,” Senior Emma Neckar says about the game against Campolindo.This team has a fire lit from beneath them that is going to take this team above and beyond for the remainder of the season.

“I think that this years team is more like a family,” says Junior Kristyn Ponce. “That alone has made it easier for us to communicate off the court and making a huge improvement from last years team.”

If there is anyone who is interested in joining the team next season or interested in any sport at Dublin High, Haleigh Hawkins advises they’re going to have to work hard and focus at practice.