Why aren’t you at the football game?


Bidjan, Aminian

Varsity getting ready to play against Woodside

It’s Friday and you’re done with school, what to do? Why not go to the tailgate to enjoy some

free food with some friends, then go see the Dublin football team win. Not only are you having a good time and enjoying the game but you are playing a big role. Yes, you are cheering the team on, cheering for the extra yard, the extra inch, the players react to the crowd and who can beat our football team with everybody there cheering them on?

As the 2013-2014 school year starts, so does the years Football season. Having the jv moved up and the rest of varsity still there. The players are beyond excited to see how they do as a team throughout the season.

Varsity Captain Michael Shaner says he can’t wait to see what’s going to happen “Our team has been preparing since last march to go out and dominate.” Varsity Captain Michael Shaner has been playing football since freshmen year.

Wade varsity head coach for the past few years thinks very highly of his team saying “I think we have a good chance to make it in the playoffs and possibly win.” With a 1-2 start so far Wade plans on turning it around to take his team to the playoffs.

“The student section for the first game was crazy, i loved it. It was the best i have ever seen out of all three years i have been playing.” Said Andrew Totaro, Varsity kicker. Along with Andrew the whole football team really appreciates the fans love and support. Without the fans
the team maybe not have gotten the 1st down, the extra yard, and in football Everything counts.