And Another Year Begins!

Rallies. Football games. Tailgates. Parades. Dances. And carnivals. Sounds like it’s the beginning of a new school year here at Dublin High!

With all the chaos in the first week of school, students haven’t realized what there is to offer in the months to come. Dublin High has already kicked off the first rally and football game with a success! Judging on the spirit and noises coming from the gym on Friday, it seemed like Dublin High had a pretty great start! Also, the best turnout from the community at the first game. Standing on the sidelines during the game, Josh Nobida, varsity quarterback, talks about the importance of the student body cheering on the team.

“It’s so surreal to have classmates cheering you on,” Nobida says.

To end the night, the back to school dance took place behind the gym with students rocking out and having a blast! Based on the music played by Junior Rohan Moorjani, students joined each other for a post-game celebration! Looking forward, it looks like all the classes are preparing for their homecoming skit and float!

Junior class president Sobhon Khairy is excited for the weeks to come.

“I’m looking forward to what every class has to offer, I’m interested to see if each class’s hard work pays off. Homecoming is just a fun time for everyone.”

It’s really a time for the community and school to join together and celebrate the start to a brand new year! During homecoming week, students and parents will see a variety of events. Everywhere from the floats each class works on, to the carnival Dublin put on! Although it’s a time for school events, it’s also back to the books! Being a junior Khairy is focused and ready for this year!

“It was a pretty great start, I have amazing teachers, and homework is manageable,so far,” Khairy says.

Math teacher, and assistant cross country coach, Ms. Velez has been teaching for 9 years, she says she was excited to see new students introduced to the spirit at DHS.
“It was a great way to start school spirit and unity,” Velez says.