5 Reasons Being Short in Dublin High is an Advantage


I swear, 5’2 is a really average height, yet the amount of times I’ve been teased for it is unbearable! My peers constantly pat my head, and are always looking down on me. Literally! And honestly, I can’t help but notice that whenever I’m in my classroom… everyone just seems a little…taller… 

So from a slightly shorter DHS student, here’s why being short on Dublin High’s campus is actually a benefit! 

  1. Easy for crowds

Getting to classes during passing periods can be tricky. The moment our bell rings, a mass of students crowd the hallways and dozens of innocent bystanders will be swept into the crowds. But for people on the shorter side, navigating crowds is not only fine- it’s easy!

Lindsey Lew, a 5-foot freshman at Dublin High, claims, “It’s really crowded during passing period, but being smaller helps find space to pass by others and weave through.” 

There are always spaces available and fitting through them is a breeze when you’re short!

  1. Convenience

With more than 4 thousand people attending Dublin High, sometimes there are just no good places to sit down. Especially on the bus if you aren’t there at least 5 minutes after the bell rings, chances are you’ll have to stand. If your stop is one of the last that can be pretty taxing. Luckily for us short people though, there are opportunities to sit everywhere without bothering anyone! From your backpack, the ground, and even a friend’s lap, when you don’t take up too much space you’ve got a lot more available!

  1. Stronger legs and arms

With shorter legs and arms, you always have to reach for tall shelves and cover more distance on campus. That tiny bit of extra effort can work out your arms and legs a lot! Your toes will also be more muscular from all the tippy-toeing you’re forced to do. Less height = a longer-lasting life. I guarantee you, you’ll be acing P.E. in no time from all this unintentional exercise! Plus, shorter people also have a better center of gravity. In wrestling especially, a shorter stature makes it easier to change direction quickly and block others. 

  1. Friendlier Appearance

Tall people can be intimidating. The constant constant feelings of superiority as they look down on you can be scary even. It can be a struggle to get people and pets to feel comfortable when you’re too tall. But the shorter you are, the friendlier you seem! 

In fact, tall people are so intimidating that they are far more prone to be attacked. According to 

Enzo Licaco, a 5’11” sophomore,  “[A] disadvantage is anyone can sneak attack me in a crowd, you never know. It’s just more dangerous to be tall.”

“At any time, a 4’11 person can just break my knees. Shorter people are safer and more powerful.”

  1. Optimal Weather

Just think about it.  As a short person, whenever it rains, you can simply take shelter under a taller friend. No umbrella is necessary! And when it gets too hot, shade is always easy to find with all the nooks and crannies that tall people can’t abuse. In fact, air actually gets cooler the closer you are to the ground. Since cold air is denser, the shorter you are, the cooler you get on a hot sunny day. But since we’re in winter, that might seem like a disadvantage. Surprisingly though, being short is optimal for all kinds of weather! When you want to avoid those harsh winter winds, a taller friend is the perfect shelter. Plus with all the extra steps you need to take as a short person, you’ll heat up in no time! 


To sum it up, if you’re shorter, you live longer, are more comfortable, and are just superior in Dublin High. And in the words of Kaylin Hoang, a 5-foot sophomore at Dublin High, “I always win at hide and seek!”