Club Bigfoot Spotlight


DHS Club Bigfoot, on their first hike on Saturday, October 7th, 2021.

Bigfoot. What an impactful name! Associated with exploration, discovery, excitement and with the thrill of traveling the outdoors– an apt name for a club that explores it all. Up in the mountaintops and down on the trails, Dublin High School’s Club Bigfoot strives to give students an outlet to release their inner explorer.

Club Bigfoot is a new addition to Dublin High this year. Started by sophomore Siddharth Bobba, this club aims to give students the opportunity to experience the outdoors. Its mission is to explore the beauty that Dublin has to offer through hikes and outings. 

This club came out at a very relevant moment in the history of humanity. Due to the pandemic cooping all of us in our homes, restrained by the four walls of our houses, this club offers the relief to get back into the outdoors and rekindle that love for nature and outdoor activity. 

On top of this exposure to the outdoors, this club provides an amazing way to keep fit, especially after the pandemic– making sure we get the exercise we need. Student member Mahathi Pothukuchi is grateful that this club “provided an opportunity to socialize” again! 

On a similar note, vice President Aaryan Arurkar says that he “really stood by the mission statement, which was the initiative to get kids outdoors”. He says that everyone needs that breath of fresh air and it is a great chance to get back outside. 

“A member that I had been hanging out with invited me to a hike, so I decided to tag along and realized several people I already knew were in the club as well, on the first hike I got to know a couple great people and decided to stick around because of the flexibility of the adventure,” reported Alex Suen, a junior who is a member of DHS Bigfoot.

DHS Bigfoot’s first outing was on October 7th, a Saturday morning hike. Many students and members alike joined this club and came to the outing! 

Club Bigfoot is not exclusively for hardcore hikers, anyone is welcome to join, whatever their goals and aspirations may be. Students can join even if you just want to experience getting outside, using this club as your first opportunity to make good on that resolution. Club Bigfoot is such an apt club for the time we are in, and students can build amazing experiences with the community of outdoors exploring students. They are available on instagram as @dhsclubbigfoot! Gaels, begin your adventure!