Club Spotlight: Heritage Club


DHS Heritage Club club logo, designed by club President Srividhya Chandramouleeswaran

Dublin is a diverse city with so many cultures working as one community. One can see this mingling of diverse backgrounds at our very own Dublin High School. 

It is important that the community is educated about the extent of the cultural backgrounds we foster, and develop an understanding of the world around us. There are multitudes of cultures around the world and we should make an effort to bring all of them to light. The Heritage Club at DHS aims to advocate for cultural diversity through the form of art. 

The Heritage Club is in its first year of working towards furthering students’ knowledge of the cultural arts. Every culture has their own unique form of expression, especially visual. Their architecture, pottery, clothing, and paintings are all extremely unique from one another. Understanding the origins and hidden meanings of these styles will allow one to gain a much deeper understanding of cultures around the world. 

“We can also learn about any controversial aspects about culture in our modern society!” reports Varrshini Ramachandran, Vice President of Heritage Club. 

Learning about cultures raises many modern issues and gives us the opportunity to discuss the effects of racism in depth. It also allows us to take a closer look at how people misuse religion and faith in order to influence other people and control them. 

We have the ability to explore influences from other countries in a certain country’s art, like how the British influenced Indian arts during the Age of Exploration. 

Art itself is a very important aspect of culture and it is what sets cultures apart from each other. Art encompasses many things, such as architecture, pottery, textiles, paintings, tapestries. All of these features distinguish one culture from another. 

What makes our world even more unique is how there still are similarities between cultures, many repeating ideas between counties that have no previous association with another. Their mythology is intertwined and their art portrays similar ideas.  This club will allow students to explore these unique aspects of culture and also connect with one another. 

We will also start a podcast, where we discuss a specific culture in depth, exploring their stories and forms of art, with a new featured culture each week. 

By the end of the year, we aim to go around the world, from east to east hemisphere and from the north to the south poles. We hope to promote diversity at DHS and participate in Diversity through the universal language of art!

Students can simply attend a meeting to join the Heritage Club as a member! The Heritage Club will host biweekly meetings on Wednesdays after FMP in K-106, where members can come together as one community and learn about a new culture every day. Every meeting, we will hone in on one form of expression of a culture, and then, participate in interactive activities to help further understanding.