Presidential Campaign Update

Alexandra Stassinopolous, Editor in Chief

Update on the Primary Elections

Before the final race for president, hopeful candidates are travelling across the United States for primaries and caucuses. Although still early in the election season, trends have already started to form.

The Republican South Carolina primary was once again dominated by Trump who got over 32% of the votes. There was a close race for second, however, and Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz got within .2% of votes of each other. Because of the Republican Party’s system for assigning delegates, Trump won all fifty delegates for the South Carolina Caucus. Trump continued to dominate the Republican primaries in the Nevada caucus, in which he also won the majority of delegates. Cruz and Rubio also came close to tying in Nevada.  

In a much closer race, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton went head to head once again in Nevada. Like in Iowa, Clinton won the state narrowly, with only a 5.3% lead . However, even this slight victory may be a boost in the Democratic primary of South Carolina which take place on the 27th.


What does DHS think?

Most DHS students won’t be able to vote in the upcoming election, however, that doesn’t mean our opinions aren’t important.

As we follow the candidates across the country, the Dublin Shield wants to know who you think should be the next president. At the end of each election update, there will be a link to a survey where you can vote–a straw poll to see where candidates would stand if DHS could vote.

To participate in our mini-straw poll, click here, or on the link down below. Unlike a real election, you don’t have to be eighteen to vote (but, if you are, go for it) and you can vote again after every campaign update (but, please be kind to the people collecting the data–do not spam the survey).

The results of the straw poll, part 1, will be posted with the next update. So, be sure to check it out!

Link to Survey: