What is Robotics Club?


Eugene Chou

ABOVE: The Gael Force Robotics Team taking a picture after winning the excellence and design awards at the VEX 2014 State Championship.

Chris Zhao, Photo Editor

Teamwork. Dedication. Creativity. These are few of the many things required for one to be qualified to be in Dublin High school’s Robotics Club. The mission as a club is to, “provide an environment in which students can pursue their interests in robotics and engineering and enhance their technical, collaborative, and problem solving skills” (taken from the Club’s mission statement).

“Our Robotics Club primarily participates in the VEX Robotics Competition, in which competitors build robots up to 18″ x 18″ x 18″ to accomplish different tasks,” Kush Rustogi, a junior at Dublin High and future club president, explains. “Aside from VEX, we also do a lot of projects. Notable projects over the past year include Projects H and I, where we built soccer and basketball playing robots for the Special Olympics.”

When competing in these competitions, the members of Dublin Robotics have built a good reputation for themselves.

“Our club has met immense success the past two years in VEX Robotics. We consistently rank in the top teams at our local competitions, being tournament champions and recipients of the most prestigious judged awards at nearly half of the 60-team regional tournaments we attend,” Joshua Price, senior and former president of Robotics, claims. “This year we qualified two of our teams to represent California in the VEX World Championship and both represented Dublin High very well. Both Gael Force teams ranked in the top 10 of their 84-team divisions and our A team won their division, which is an immense honor for our club and Dublin High. Officially, our club is now ranked fifth in the world in VEX, out of over 5000 teams.”

With Dublin’s amazing records and accomplishments in Robotics, some may ask, “Why join Robotics?”

“People should join robotics to experiment with new technologies and explore a field entailing several different facets,” Navneed Maudgalya, sophomore and current Vice President of the club, claims. ” By joining the Robotics Club, students can be influenced to choose a specific major relating to Engineering or take more STEM related coursework in high school.”

Robotics is a very high demand high reward extra-curricular, especially at Dublin, with it’s great records. For further information about Dublin Robotics, students can visit Ms. Chou in J-202, or visit the Gael Force Robotics site at https://gaelforcerobotics.shutterfly.com/.