The Reason Behind Presidents Day

The Founding Father of the United States, George Washington. The tallest president with the big black hat, Abraham Lincoln.

For some, like Mr. David Shaw, a World History and U.S. History teacher at DHS, President’s day is the celebration of the most greatest presidents which had an impact on our nation.

“We celebrate the two of the greatest presidents,” Mr. Shaw says. “They had a legendary impact on the nation.”

According to, we celebrate all the presidents’ birthdays, which in fact are all in February, and declared to have an official day to celebrate and acknowledge what the presidents did for the nation. We celebrate this holiday on the third Monday in February, because the presidents’ birthdays either come earlier or later in the month

For some, like Mr. Ron Rubio, an AP US History and America in the 60’s history teacher, we celebrate President’s Day to honor the service of our past presidents who have served this country.

“It was originally two days to celebrate the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln who both shared February birthdays,” Mr. Rubio says. “Then it was cut down to one day to honor all presidents. Some states honor just George and Abe and some honor all presidents.”

A lot of history is involved in why we celebrate this holiday and get the Monday off. Celebrating our presidents on February 17th of this year is a great way to show our gratitude to their services to this country. We should be thankful for this holiday, because without it we wouldn’t have the Monday off. We celebrate it, to reflect back to their time where it was just celebrating their birthdays on this one specific day to honor all of them.