Soon to Open: New Performing Arts Center


As part of the project to build new facilities for Dublin High School, the Performing Arts Center is currently under construction. It is set to be up and running the winter of 2013-2014.

  “I’m upset that the seniors will not be able to see it since it will be an amazing facility,” says Senior Rebekah Quenta.

  This project was funded by Measure ‘C’, which is dedicated to improve and renew school facilities. It will be utilized by drama, choir, band, TV production classrooms, and by even by the public since it is the only performing arts center in the Dublin community, making it unique.

   “We will have the chance to do more complex and creative plays,” says Junior Cassidy Knight.

  The Performing Arts Center will definitely be a step-up from the current little theater that we have.

  “There will be top of the line sound and lighting and excellent acoustics,” says Dublin High Principal Carol Shimizu.

   “It will provide a very professional environment for our performing arts classes both in drama and also in our music program,” adds Shimizu. “It will also be a wonderful place to have visiting lectures, college representatives, or entertainment in the community for our students and families to enjoy. It’s a performing arts facility with an educational focus.”

  New features will include a permanent 500-seat theatre, which will provide comfort and good visibility for members of the audience. One of the main features would be the orchestra pit that can be raised up to the level of the stage. There will also be headsets with which stage directors can talk to each other from different locations, this will improve communication and reduce the chance of something going wrong. There will be a fly system (space above the stage in which they can hang props when it’s not needed) and backdrops which will give drama productions more freedom to create set pieces since there would be more space to utilize and will help for a better organization. In terms of organization, there will also be more space for clothes, shoes and other props.

  “It’s definitely well overdue. I hope this new theatre demands more respect for the arts,” says Senior choir member Noirita Saha.