Election Results: DHS Perspective

Race to the White House: Donald Trump Victorious

The race to the White House has now drawn to a close and the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are now over. Donald Trump has been named the president elect of the United States of America, creating one of the greatest upsets in our national history. The polls before Election Day had consistently shown Hillary Clinton in the lead by at least 1-3 points, but as we see now, Donald Trump had more supporters than expected. Many people see that the polls taken before Election Day had most likely received results which were lies; there were many people who polled Clinton, but actually supported Trump. This is mainly because showing support for Trump may not have been publicly acceptable in certain states like Michigan or Wisconsin. Michigan and Wisconsin are normally Democratic states, but Trump actually won by 1 point in both states. The main reasons were each candidate’s economic policies. All polls that discussed the candidates’ economic policies and polled which policy was better had Trump leading, like reducing trade with Eurasia and increasing jobs in America.

DHS Poll of Presidential Candidate Approval

Before Donald Trump won the the election, a poll was sent out by our principal to see which candidate was supported the most in our high school. Unsurprisingly, Hillary Clinton was supported the most out of 813 responses in Dublin High. 64.5% supported Hillary Clinton, 21.5% supported Donald Trump, 9.2% supported Gary Johnson and the remaining 5.3% supported Jill Stein. As of 2016, Dublin High has roughly 2,200 students, so theoretically, if this poll was proportional to the number of DHS students, then it could be estimated that over 1,400 students supported Hillary Clinton, while over 470 students supported Donald Trump. Being in a Democratic state, it was expected that Hillary would be supported more. The same can somewhat be said about the people of America, for Trump had won the Electoral College, yet Clinton received the popular vote.

DHS: Thoughts on our New President

As to be expected, many of our DHS students were more than upset about the election’s outcome, and blamed it on careless voters and those who didn’t vote.

One 2017 senior student who supported Hillary Clinton was extremely shocked, exclaiming, “I can’t believe that America voted Donald Trump, a man who had insulted his way to the top. If a terrible person like Trump can become president, then what atrocities will we see in the future?”

Others were more understanding of our new president. Another 2019 sophomore student had reacted rather placidly said, “I truly supported Hillary Clinton, but in the end, Donald Trump has become our president. Despite what many believe, I believe in the system, and if Trump has been chosen to be the better president, then he must be a better choice.”

A 2018 junior Trump supporter in DHS was rather happy about the election outcome, confidently stating that, “Donald Trump will be a great president and I have no doubt that the next 4 years will be America’s greatest.”

Despite what many students believed, the teachers were more understanding. During many classes, teachers have had talks with their students about how despite Donald Trump being president, it’s only for 4 years, and Trump can’t make their lives truly change over the course of his presidency. One Spanish teacher had said that, “Never in my whole life have seen this feeling of fear throughout the country for a new president…but it’s just four years.” But to all DHS students, keep an open mind on how you view our new president. Whether you like or dislike or even support or hate Donald Trump, he is our president, and now, we must hope for the best during our next 4 years.