What to do on Thanksgiving Break

It’s that time of year again when everyone is counting down the days to Thanksgiving break. Each year, Dublin High students have unique plans on how they are spending their time off from school.

If any student at Dublin High isn’t sure of what to do, he or she should simply ask around. The possibilities are endless, whether they are going out of town just for Thanksgiving dinner or going on a family vacation. Thanksgiving break is more than just sleeping in; there are many different things that people have planned to do, like visiting colleges or reconnecting with family.

“This Thanksgiving break my family is most likely driving down to SoCal to check out a few colleges,” said Melis Guceli, a senior at Dublin High.

This is a very popular thing to do with seniors, because they all need to prepare for college. Guceli also plans on showing a few of her family members coming from Turkey what California is like in its entirety.

“My family and I are flying to Arizona,” said Adaku Okeke, another senior at Dublin High. “We have relatives, who we haven’t seen in a long time, that traveled from Nigeria to have Thanksgiving with us there.”

Visiting family is also a popular thing to do during this break in particular, for Thanksgiving is all about spending time with the ones you are thankful for.

“I’m really excited,” added Okeke. “Every Thanksgiving, I make the mashed potatoes and either my mom or dad will cook the turkey.” It is tradition like this that makes this break more than just taking time off school.

Guceli also had family traditions of her own as well.

“We would have Turkish food mixed with traditional Thanksgiving foods,” she added.

So whether people are taking vacations or just spending time with their family they don’t usually get to see, this break is definitely one that gives us plenty of options, from small vacations like Guceli’s and Okeke’s to even concerts or festivals. You can do a lot even staying at home, from going to soup kitchens or volunteering at the senior center. It’s a time not only where you can catch up on some sleep, but enjoy the company of all the people around you as well.