North Korean Aggression

Recently, Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un has been testing his country’s new nuclear weapons and once again, threatening to attack the United States. But do American citizens really have to worry about an attack from them?

   Probably not, because it would be a completely suicidal act on their part. Also, they have been doing this “cry for attention” for years, and have never actually done anything. Their inactivity may be caused in part by North Korea’s awareness of the fact that the United States has far superior weapons than they do.

   “I don’t think we have to worry. I don’t think their nuclear weapons could reach the U.S.,” said English teacher Mrs. McGinley.

   “They’ve been doing this for years. The small dogs always make the most noise to annoy the big boys. What’s dangerous is if they sell to a terrorist group,” states history teacher Mr. Viviani.

   Although incredibly unlikely, if North Korea were to attack the United States, the U.S. would be able to respond quickly and with an even greater force than Jong-un’s assaults.

   “I think we should try to keep calm and try to make peace instead of attacking North Korea,” said a sophomore who wishes to remain anonymous.

   There are many things the United States could do to respond to such an act. The U.S. military has enough nuclear weapons to completely level North Korea and wipe them off the map, though that might be a little excessive.

   “We have Chuck Norris, Jack Bauer, and Rambo. I’m sure we’ll figure something out,” said Viviani about what the American government’s response could be.

   “If they do attack, I think we should certainly defend ourselves. Perhaps now we can send Secretary of State John Kerry for peace-keeping attempts,” suggested McGinley.

   American citizens may find themselves asking why North Korea is acting so aggressively.

   “Kim Jong-un is just angry Psy got so much attention and he’s just the pudgy kid up the street whose dad never let him have any friends,” said Viviani.

   So to conclude, there is absolutely no reason to worry about an attack.