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  • "How does it feel to be leaving high school?" "Planning my own life seems a lot more daunting now than it did a few months ago but I'm excited for the future and everything that college holds!"

  • "How have your four years of high school been?" "It's been so good. Just the combination of working so hard and having that final year where you're about to leave but it's like the best year." "Has it really been the best year of high school?" "Um, I think it's one of the best years because you're at a point where you're comfortable and ready to move on and you have all these cool memories." "What are you looking forward to?" "I cannot wait to go to college and just explore and have new experiences. I'm excited to see where life takes me." "What was your favorite memory from high school?" "One of them was doing zumba with the Best Buddies club. Another was beating DV at the football game. Oh, and also homecoming. It was indescribable. I wasn't expecting it at all and I felt more connected to the school and realized how much I cared for it."

  • "Did you get acceptance letters yet?" "Yes I got accepted." "What was it like getting them?" "It felt good. College is a place holder for me until I go into the military. In college I'm going to a criminal justice major, then army for 6 years and then try to be a federal agent like FBI or something."

  • "Do you have a job?" "Yes, at the Habit." "What is it like having a job as well as school?" "Having a job is cool and who doesn't like money? It's nice having independence and freedom to support yourself. School doesn't really interfere with my work, since I make sure I have time to do hw either before or after work. P.S. I give discounts!"

  • "Have you decided what college you're going to?" "I will be attending SJSU for 2 years and then transferring to UCSD." "Do you know what your major will be?" "I'm majoring in psychology, and becoming a child psychologist." "What are you looking forward to the most?" "More independence and being able to focus on doing something I really want and that I'm interested in, and also being able to express myself more and meeting new people."

  • "Where are u going after college?" "Airforce." "What do you have to through to achieve this?" "Well you have to take the ASVAB test and your score on that determines what jobs you can get in military. Once you are satisfied with your score you go to MEPS, where you get your medical exam and also swear into the military. Then after that you get your ship date to go to basic training. By then you know your career field and you'll go to tech school basic training, which is 8 weeks, and then after technical training you're done."

  • "What's your greatest accomplishment?" "Not dropping out of school before junior year."

  • "What's the best part about golf?" "It's great that I can represent my school through my talent of golf." "Why do you like the golf team?" "Our team gets along well."

  • "How did you guys meet?" "It was the first day of school sophomore year and we both had PE first period. Neither of us knew anyone and we had met at the new student orientation so we became friends. We're still great friends." "And now we're closer than ever. We even work together."

  • "What is it like being on the tennis team?" "Tennis is fun and challenging, I regret not doing it sooner."

  • "I really like trees because they give off oxygen to the world and they make me feel happy. I love them more than breathing."

  • "How long have you been swimming?" "Well I've been on the DHS team since freshman year, on a club team in Livermore since 7th grade, and I played waterpolo before then." "What's your favorite part about swimming?" "It's more of you against the clock and not really against other people since it's more about what you can do in the water."

  • "What's your philosophy on life?" "If you don't love everything then what's the point of loving cause sometimes a banana needs to be peeled to be eaten."

  • "What are your feelings toward the Chabot band review this week?" "I really think this is a great opportunity to measure our skills under the direction of Mr. Everts. We focused on innovation and more importantly the relationship of music to the human soul."

  • "What was your most embarrassing moment in life?" "I was in my best friend's wedding as a grooms man, walking with another woman who was not my wife, and who was much shorter than me. I was not prepared for the stairs and I tripped on her shoe and fell down during the wedding ceremony. Everyone saw and was laughing. My pride was hurt. Everyone gave me hard time the rest of the night."

  • "When did you commit to Auburn?" "I committed to Auburn on January 1st of my junior year." "How did you end up choosing it?" "I chose to go to Auburn because I really like the atmosphere in the South. Also, Auburn has world class practice facilities and the team is doing very well right now. I am really excited to be a part of it next year."

  • "What's your favorite part about catering?" "That's hard...umm...I would say how many different types of people that are in the class, even people you don't think you would be friends with or talk to, you can be friends in that class. It also teaches good life lessons like working with others."

  • "What choir are you in?" "I'm in show, varsity, and regular choir." "Which one is your favorite?" "I can't put a pin on a favorite, it's hard. Show choir is fun because it's more pop musical but varsity is just as good since its more advanced choral music."

  • "What's your favorite part of band?" "Bonding with others." "What's it like being a male flutist?" "Everyone grimaces a little like 'you play the flute?'"

  • "What's your favorite memory from when you were a student at DHS?" "My AP Lit class senior year. It was an inspiring class and my teacher Mr. Young is a major reason why I am an English teacher now. I'm not sure if I would've been in an English major without him or the class. Also my junior prom was on a yacht which was pretty cool." "What's your favorite memory from when you were a teacher at DHS?" "That's hard. That's really hard. I had a student my first year who was a difficult student, he had problems with suspension and all sorts of behavior problems but we somehow really connected. He came back 4 years later in uniform with his superior officer. The Officer told me that my student said he wouldn't have made it through high school without me. I cried. It's the point of this job, to make a difference in some way."

  • "What's your favorite memory from drama club?" "I'm gonna go kind of general here but after shows. We all go to iHop or in and out and it's fun because we feel like a family."

  • "What club are you in?" "Interact." "What is it?" "It's basically a service club with lots of community service and it's really fun because you meet lots of people in the bay area who are also passionate about helping people. I wouldn't have met a lot of people if it weren't for interact."

  • "What was it like finding out you got early acceptance to UPenn?" "Um, well I cried during my micro class and everyone was clapping. It was really nice, it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I'm satisfied knowing that somewhere actually wants me."

  • "What's it like being a teacher as well as a freshman volleyball coach? " "I love it. It makes me a lot more crazy busy but it's a lot of fun seeing your students playing a sport you love and it helps build a bond and connection. And it's really cool since you gain more experience and learn time management."

  • "What are your feelings going into the baseball season?" "It's a lot of hard work but I'm excited since I'm playing my last year of baseball and I'm going to give it my all." "How long have you been playing?" "Since I was 5." "Why aren't you going to continue in college?" "I'd rather go study and focus more on school in college so I won't be playing."

  • "What is it like being on the varsity women's soccer?" "It's a lot of hard work and you have to put in a lot of effort because if you don't you won't see yourself improve. If you put your heart into everything and love everything you can achieve more when you play. The team is great and I love everyone on the team."

  • "What's some advice you could give to high school students?" "Learn how to focus and concentrate on one thing. Focus and follow through, don't leave anything undone. If you want to get A's work the two F's, focus and follow through."

  • "What's the best part about working at the same school as your mother?" "I like it because we teach in the same depart and it's good to have help with ideas and a guide to have in daily life." "What's the best part about working at the same school as your daughter?" "It's easy because she's my daughter. It's like home. It's nice having your kid around as a colleague. It's not as much as a mother-daughter relationship but it's nice."

  • "What's your favorite class to teach and why?" "Civil war. I enjoy the subject, I like the military parts, I like the big names and generals in it and we have a couple great books that we use."

  • "What are your feelings toward finals?" "Oh. Finals. Let's go. Get em. Oh and can you put an emoji of an eggplant? No? What about a carrot?"

  • "What's it like being on the soccer team?" "It's really intense. Everyone works hard on the team and we take it seriously. You have to give it your all even if it's practice and in games too. We give our heart out to be in the game."

  • "What is your greatest fear?" "The dark." "What about greatest love?" "Myself."

  • "What is it like having Mr. Chatigny as your dad and your teacher?" "It's pretty normal. He doesn't get in the way and doesn't treat me differently."

  • "What is it like teaching at the school your son goes to?" "I actually enjoy it. He actually takes a class from me and we have a better relationship because we're closer that way." *while taking picture* "Make sure to get my good side!"

  • "What do you think about AVID?" "I love AVID, it's the best thing that's ever happened to me."

  • "What's it like working at CREAM?" "It's really fun."

  • "What's it like being a freshman?" "It's really adventurous and it's like a leap of faith."

  • "What's the best part of being a senior?" "Nothing so far."

  • "How's junior year?" "It's okay. It's not too bad."

  • "What do you think about high school so far?" "It's bigger."

  • "What's your biggest problem right now?" "Coming up with something to say."

  • "What's the best part of being a senior?" "It's the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction for making it all this way. College is so close but still so far."

  • "What's your favorite quote? " " Bonding through savage misery." -Albert Cantello, United States Naval Academy Cross Country Coach

  • "What's the first thing that comes to your mind?" "College. New York City. Hard work. Humanities."

  • "What's your favorite part about senior year so far?" "Pranking Marco today."

  • "How was it being new to Dublin High last year?" "It was hard at first but it was fun getting to know everyone and being able to have new experiences."

  • "What's the best part about high school?" "Growing up."

  • "Today I went kayaking during lunch."

  • "Mr. Taylor is my spirit animal."

  • "What's the best part of having a twin?" "Having someone-." "-to finish your sentence."

  • "How's it like starring in a professional movie?" "Well it's been my dream for as long as I can remember. It's an amazing opportunity I didn't think I'd have this early on in my acting career. I'm really excited to see how it turns out and I can't wait to see what doors this will open for me in the future."

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