15 More Minutes?

ABOVE: Noon time.

Hip Runner

ABOVE: Noon time.

Do you think that lunch time is too short? Students eat at different paces; however, there is not enough time for students to buy and finish their lunch or eat off campus without rushing.

“I spend most of my lunch time standing in line to buy lunch at school everyday,” shares Sophomore Nuha Haque. “If only lunch time could be longer, I would be able to finish my lunch.”

Since there are also many complaints about the school lunch leading students to eat lunch off campus, many car accidents take place in the parking lot due to the limited time.

“I almost got into a car accident in the parking lot during lunch when another car drove into the parking lot really fast without looking its surroundings,” says Senior Kimberly Chan.

Students don’t want to be tardy, so they drive fast and don’t look to check their surroundings properly. If there were an extra 15 minutes for lunch, the amount of car accidents would decrease drastically.

“If we could have some extra minutes during lunch, I would be able to spend my time so much more efficiently because I am only left with a few minutes right before the bell rings so I can’t really do much,” offers Lia Munoz.

Can we have an extra 15 minutes for lunch though? According to the administration, a longer lunch would lead us to end school later than our usual 2:46pm dismissal. Every period in our class has a fixed amount of time set by our school policies and laws just like how starting school later in the morning would lead us to end school later.

So it is up to us, whether we want to have a longer lunch and get dismissed later or just stick with what our schedule is right now. Voting by students and the school board is required to make any changes.