How to be More Outgoing

   Because the year is coming to an end for seniors and another year is passing by for the rest of Dublin High, many of you might want to break out of your shell for the next year. Being outgoing is a great way to enjoy your high school experience but some of you may not know how to break out and change from being introverted to spontaneous and confident. Here are some tips:

1. Try everything.
Weird fish? Try it. Auditions for a play? Go! Anything that won’t harm you and is legal. DO. It’s the best way to experience things and to be more open to understanding and meeting other people.

2. Make a list of things you want to do.
   Whether it be talking to your crush or running in the rain in a bathing suit, put it on a list and actually DO it. There’s no point in saying “I wanna go skydiving <3” if you’re not gonna do it. If you actually do these things, it will make you more adventurous and confident because you’ll be able to say, “I skydived today, what’d you do?”

3. Talk to everybody.
   If you’re in the mood to meet new people say hi to everybody but not in an obnoxious way. When in the hallways and it’s just you and another person, wave, smile, or even say hi if you’re feeling dangerous. This way, you’ll meet more people and you won’t feel as scared to talk to others.

4. Volunteer for everything.
   Whether it’s in class to be in a demonstration or to host an event, volunteer for it. You’re then forced to be confident or risk being humiliated so it’ll give you that push you might need.

5. Every morning, stare at yourself.
   This might be weird to some of you but every morning, stare at yourself in the mirror and compliment yourself 3 times. Anything: your sense of humor, your eyes, or your ability to make people smile. Do NOT pick out your imperfections and keep it positive because that will give you a boost.

   Remember that being outgoing is not always gonna come to you naturally like others but, you can work towards it. Go for it and don’t be afraid of people making fun of you because after a while you’ll be too fabulous to care about them. Good luck!