Transcendence: Yesterday Dr. Will Caster Was Only Human

Tristen Whitley, Entertainment Editor

Transcendence, a science-fiction movie about Dr. Will Caster’s life and research on artificial intelligence was released on April 10, 2014. Transcendence has an interesting plot that keeps its viewers in suspense. The actors did a nice job playing their roles and staying in character and  the graphics were pleasing. It deals with handling loss, working to adapt with change and stopping powerful forces.

As seen on the trailer, Dr. Caster is shot and wounded by a poison bullet, where his wife, Evelyn and his friend Max end up working on what he calls a Transcendence — where they made an artificial intelligence into a god, Dr. Will Caster himself. Through what Evelyn and Max do, Will’s consciousness was infused with technology, and once he is connected to the world, he was able to take control. With all of the power Dr. Caster had, both Evelyn, Max and various others began to question whether it was actually him or not.

Caster and various other scientists researching artificial intelligences were simultaneously attacked by a terrorist organization called RIFT (Revolutionary Independence from Technology). This organization organized these events due to their fear of artificial intelligence taking control over the world. Shortly after the RIFT attacks, only Dr. Caster and another scientist, Joseph Tagger (played by Morgan Freeman) survive. Unfortunately, Caster finds out that he was shot by a bullet laced with radioactive materials and would shortly die, leading into his Transcendence. The main conflict in this movie is between RIFT and Dr. Caster and Evelyn, who must decide whether she should trust Caster or not.

Overall, all of the actors kept their character and the movie was interesting. It kept me in suspense and had a good plot. The movie contains barely any action, but contains a lot of dialogue. It wasn’t necessarily an amazing movie, but I would recommend watching it if you had free time and are up for a movie.