Book Review: I Hunt Killers

Murder. A killer on the loose. Bodies piling up. Suspense.


Jasper “Jazz” Dent isn’t your ordinary boy. He’s the son of the world’s notorious serial killer, Billy Dent. As Billy Dent is held in jail, there are bodies piling up in the same sequence how Billy Dent killed his own victims. Now it’s up to Jazz siding with the cops and his friends, Connie and Howie, to find the serial killer behind it. The serial killer goes by the name “The Impressionist”.  Jazz has to solve the mysterious killings and catch him even if he suspects it’s his own father.


“I Hunt Killers” is a mystery and thriller novel with great characters that make you feel like part of the book. The author, Barry Lyga, provides great details and imagery that keeps you turning page after page. The details are bloody, but he does a perfect job explaining how a killer kills his prey.


It is an original piece of work and the way it’s written is just amazing. It’s also amazing to see the characters develop throughout the novel and a nail-biting novel that just keeps you reading. The cliffhanger was the perfect ending. It’ll keep you at the edge of your seat. It will make you want to re-read it.


I highly recommend anyone who is interested in mystery, to read “I Hunt Killers.”