Spring art show open to student submissions


As the winter snow melts into spring, the flowers and the rain grab the artistic eye. Artists grab their paints, their pencils, their brushes, and sit in the comfort of their homes to bring their imaginations to life. Canvases upon canvases… sketchbooks upon sketchbooks…they should not lay on the floor to gather dust, they should be showcased for the people to see!

 Are you an artist? Do you want to see the work of your peers? Come join the 2021 Spring Art show! Going online on February 16, artworks are making their way to a virtual art gallery. Artworks can be submitted and sent to room N-103 to get photographed. 

Mr. Sollom, the amazing curator of these art shows, is the official photographer of all of these artworks. “I’m excited to see the extent of the artistic talent that’s on our campus” Mr. Sollom expressed. Although many students did not have the opportunity to take a DHS art class, they can still showcase their art in this show.

No matter the medium, it is worthy to hang upon the walls of the high school art website. Be it digital, paint, gouache, watercolor, or pencil, bring your work to the Administrative Office by February 3rd so your artwork can be viewed by the multitude of DHS students. All you art enthusiasts out there, mark your calendars for February 16th for that’s when the salon-style online art show will premiere. 

With the successful Fall Art show in our pockets, Mr. Sollom is very enthusiastic about this show. Since any and all students can submit work, “I hope this show is a good opportunity for them to show what they can do, and to get their work in front of new audiences,” Mr. Sollom adds.

Many students have their sights set on extremely competitive fields such as biomedical sciences and engineering and yet still have a passion for the visual arts. This art show is a unique opportunity for those who couldn’t participate in the last show to get out there and blow the roof with their spectacular talent!

When asked, the Art Club was extremely excited for this show as well and is continually encouraging club members to submit their works. They express that “for members of the club, it would serve as an encouragement to put out more of their work publicly regardless if they’re taking any of the school art classes.”.

Let us say hello to 2021 and start the new year with a beautiful and inspiring art show. Spring is a time for new beginnings, so for all you guys out there— don’t be shy to bloom this season! Show us what you got!