Breaking: DUSD pushes back reopening of Emerald High School


Parnika Karthik

The Promenade site where Emerald High will be built lies along Central Parkway in East Dublin.

In a Dublin Unified School District Board Meeting late last night, school officials declared that construction for Emerald High School would have its phase 1 construction delayed until Fall of 2023. Phase 1 construction would include the building of a two-story academic tower, a three-story academic tower, a gym that seats 2500 people, a track, a football field, and eight tennis courts. 

The school was set to teach approximately 1300 students in the Fall of 2022 according to early district estimates. However, as reported by the district’s official Twitter account, the project is delayed due to a “shortfall in funding.” 

This delay marks the third time district officials have asked for an increase in the budget. The initial budget in August of 2017 was $100 million dollars which was later increased to $135 million dollars. In June of 2020, the budget expanded once more to $166.6 million dollars.

It is not clear how much more money is needed for the completion of the high school, but the district has confirmed all district projects in the works, including Emerald High School, will require $184 million dollars, citing the pandemic’s disruptions on supply chains. 

A completion date for Emerald High School is not official yet, but at the end of its construction, it is expected to house up to 2500 students. Dublin High School housed just under 3000 students last year, according to the 2019-2020 Dublin High School Profile.