Latinos Unidos hosts first Bilingual College Night

As college admissions roll around the corner, seniors are becoming more and more stressed, especially first-gen students who struggle to ask their parents or older siblings for help. Fortunately, there is an event that will be catered to Latino students at DHS or any student in the Tri-Valley community! 


The Latinos Unidos club at DHS is hosting the first ever Bilingual College Night! The event will be in both English and Spanish to accommodate viewers who aren’t comfortable with English. This event takes place on October 15th, from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. To help students further, there will be four speakers that currently attend or graduated from UC Irvine, Las Positas, DVC, and St. Mary’s College!


We reached out to the club president, senior Jacqueline Martin, on this exciting event taking place in the near future. “We will be covering topics on being a first generation college student, different education routes one can take for example community college, a four year & transfers students. But we will also be focusing on financial aid for all students including documented and undocument students.”


In this unprecedented era, the lack of personal learning has left students feeling helpless and confused. However, due to the number of cases climbing up day by day, the chances of going back to in person learning is decreasing significantly. Many families are also losing their source of income due to employees getting laid off by their companies. In this time of uncertainty, the Latinos Unidos club recognizes that many foreign and first generation students need help. They are offering help with financial aid, and also other paths that students can take that don’t follow the traditional four-year university route.


If Gaels have any other questions, feel free to check out their website which is linked below!