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What Winter Wonderland Weather

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What Winter Wonderland Weather

Vaishna Prabhuvenkatesh

Vaishna Prabhuvenkatesh

Vaishna Prabhuvenkatesh

Anvitha Kachinthaya and Janice Liu

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When you think of California, what is the first thought that pops into your head? Sunny beaches? Flip-flops and shorts? Generally mild and pleasant weather? Of course, there are some exceptions, like Lake Tahoe. And to be fair, living in Dublin, California also brings with it some chilly days, especially in the early mornings when students can be seen layering in several jackets or coats. But for the past few weeks, Dublin seems to have forgotten its typical sunshine and occasional rain and skipped right to some of the real weather. Residents all over Dublin were shocked when it began hailing, even snowing, on the afternoon of Saturday, March 3. Saturday’s surprise came as a delight to many.



“I was so surprised! The first thing I did was go tell my mom because she loves watching snow fall. I just stood there in my backyard with my sister and it was so nice,” said junior Hannah Abraham. “I love snow.”


Sarah Lau


That seemed to be the general consensus of almost everyone that witnessed the weather. Most took the opportunity to step out of their houses and snap some photos to capture the unique memory of Dublin streets lined in delicate white.



“I was pretty shocked, to be honest,” said junior Vaishna Prabhuvenkatesh. “I wouldn’t expect seeing such extreme weather in Dublin. It was almost like a winter wonderland, kind of like what you might see on the East Coast.”


Rigo de Leon


With all of the slightly unusual weather we have been facing, the climate change question has been brought back up. What is causing the strange weather across the United States and the world? More importantly, what can we do to preserve our world for posterity?

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