Building a Library in Ghana, One Book at a Time

Malala Yousafzai, global advocate for women’s education, passionately declared, “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” Room to Read has truly taken that mission to heart by organizing a book drive to create a library for the Wa Model Primary School in Ghana. To fulfill this mission, they have chosen to partner with the African Library Project, a non-profit organization that creates libraries in rural Africa by collecting gently used books from the United States.


Room to Read’s officers are passionate about literacy and the positive effect that this book drive will have on the world. Vice president Katie Haegele stated, “The book drive is meaningful because it’s giving an opportunity we don’t think twice about to kids who don’t have the same resources – the possibility of education can give children opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have. Literacy to me is being able to read and write, and using that ability to impact your life and others.”


Other officers reflected on the idea of change, considering this book drive a small step toward global opportunity and equality. After all, change can begin with one open book and a curious mind searching for answers. Secretary Faith Chau declared, “This book drive is meaningful to me because it represents the impact we, as a community of students, can have on the world. We can change the world for hundreds if not thousands of girls by providing them the gift of literacy, creativity, and education. With that, they can create their own changes and make their own impacts. One small book can truly make the largest difference.”


Chau added, “Literacy doesn’t only mean the ability to read or write, it means being capable of self-expression and communication. Literacy is so important to our world because it allows people to voice their thoughts and opinions, which in turn once again creates and inspires change, hopefully for the better, in our world.”


Junior Catherine Capretta enjoyed reading when she was younger, and she wants to give that gift to others. She expressed enthusiastically, “This book drive means I have a chance to share my passion for literature with children who might not otherwise get the opportunity to read and learn as I do. Books are my favorite way of learning, and every child deserves the chance to access knowledge whenever they’d like!”


Ultimately, Room to Read is organizing this book drive to give everyone the education that they deserve. President Sakina Nuruddin stated purposefully, “Nearly eight hundred million people are illiterate, and two thirds are women and girls. Let that sink in. We live in a world that is broken in so many ways. But if there is one thing that could make people safer, healthier, and more self-sufficient, it is an education. I think that it is our job as people with resources at the tip of our fingertips to do everything we can to enact change, even if it is just by starting with something that may seem small like a book drive. It’s not enough to talk about our issues, but we need to act.”


For those of you sharing Room to Read’s classrooms, donation boxes can be found  in English classrooms from March 5th to March 26th. Donate to Room to Read’s book drive to take the first step in making the world a better place!