The Dublin High Valentine’s Day Sing-A-Grams Strike Again

Valentine’s Day is coming up in February, and Dublin High’s Vocal Department is honoring their yearly tradition of Sing-A-Grams on February 13th, 2018. This year, Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday, which doesn’t give enough time during the day to finish all of the Sing-A-Grams. So, the Sing-A-Grams will be done the day before, on February 13th, 2018. So far, over 60 Sing-A-Grams have been bought by DHS students, and more Sing-A-Grams are expected to be sold in the coming weeks.


“I’m totally looking forward to Sing-A-Grams this year,” said Caitlyn Acha, Senior Vice President of the Choir Department.  “Sing-A-Grams are something that I’ve been doing for awhile and this is my last year doing it which makes it even more special for me.”


“This year’s Sing-A-Grams will be amazing and I can’t wait to do them for our school,” added Choir Public Relations Officer Angel Delgadillo.


When to Buy Sing-A-Grams?

Sing-A-Grams are being sold on Tuesdays and Thursday, and it’s best to buy them as soon as possible because the price is going up.


Here are the prices for Sing-a-Grams:

  • January 22-26, 1 Sing-A-Gram costs $3, 2 Sing-A-Grams cost $5.
  • January 29 – February 2, 1 Sing-A-Gram costs $4, 2 Sing-A-Grams cost $7.
  • February 5-9, 1 Sing-A-Gram costs $5, 2 Sing-A-Grams cost $8.


Buy Sing-A-Grams for your friends, your loved ones in school, teachers, or anyone else on campus. Just come outside Student Activities on a Tuesday or Thursday before February 9th to buy a Sing-A-Gram.