The Dragon That Is Standardized Testing: How to Slay It With Tips From DHS Seniors

At one point in almost every high schooler’s career, there comes a time when the daunting specter of SATs and ACTs appears before them.  However, it is paramount for students to know that such tests are not quite the behemoths they’ve come to appear as.  With ample preparation, the hours you spend taking the test will seem to breeze by in minutes!  To boost your confidence and give you some real perspective on SATs and ACTs, we’ve collected quotes from some of our amazing DHS seniors who have taken both tests!

Vade Shah: “What helped me the most on the SAT was knowing that there was only one correct answer and the other three were all wrong.  So if you ever end up deliberating between two, just figure out which one is more wrong, not more right.”

Hillary Chung: “You cannot cram your studying into the last week.  You have to practice over time and practice a little bit every day, it’s all about practice and getting used to how to answer questions.  For the math questions, just do practice problems.”

Vivian Chu: “So basically it depends on your study habits and what works better for you.  If you’re better at studying over a long period of time, study over the summer.  If you’re better at cramming, just make space for two weeks but make sure to study every day.”  

Audrey Shi: “Sleep before!  You don’t know how important it is.  Also, study! It’s true!  Studying is the most important, make sure to take practice tests, find out what you got wrong, and figure out why you got it wrong, and figure out how you can improve on that.”

Jaiveer Singh: “So you definitely want to make a game plan, a strategy in place on how you want to spend your time on the test, particularly on the math and science question.  If confronted with a tough question, don’t waste time, skip it, and come back to it at the end.  The ACT is a very fast-paced test, and you need every second you can get.”

Chris Liu: “Going to anything like Elite is completely unnecessary, you need to take it upon yourself to study diligently.  Instead, I suggest sites like Khan Academy because it’s free and it also has great content.  Also, be sure you know the format of the test and its content before diving into practice problems.”  

With the advent of standardized testing, the Dublin Shield genuinely hopes you find this article helpful on your journey to success!  Remember on the night before any big test to sleep and maintain a clear mind!  Happy testing, and may the Gael force be with you.