Golden GAEL Palace

Golden GAEL Palace

Arielle Lew, Staff Writer

After the success of the Roost, Dublin High has decided to open the Golden Gael Palace, a food outlet which will be selling Asian-themed dishes during lunch. The entire idea was planned years ago, and organized by Frank Castro, the Director of the Dublin Unified School District’s Child Nutrition Services. Now this fantasy is finally becoming reality.


There were many helping hands that put in an immense amount of time and effort into  this new addition to our school.”Helping to publicize the Golden Gael Palace is a unique opportunity for DECA,” explained Maahum Shahab, the current DECA Vice President of Marketing. “It gives us the opportunity to implement what we learn to something in real life. I’m so proud that DECA has many skills to showcase… Golden Gael Palace will bring awareness about the different diversity we have, even in our flavors.”


“I’m so excited for the food. I just want some spring rolls,” she added, laughing.



Even just the mascot– the “Noodle Ninja” –needed multiple creators. This adorable idea was first conceived by Emma Caufield. She wanted to showcase something that was easily marketable and shared that the reason behind her design  was that  the “Noodle Ninja was an easy to remember name, which put a face on the Asian food industry, which made it even more memorable.” Her unique idea was handed to Rachel Yoon to deliver the final project. This was a completely new experience for Rachel, as she revealed that she was not part of any marketing team and just loved creating wonderful works of art.


“It was pretty fun,” Rachel added. “I never really did cartoon images, I normally do hyper realistic, so to do this was a really fun and new experience.”


Because of our very own students, and adults like Mr. Castro, that allowed us to have a brand new, Asian-themed place to eat. He was ecstatic to share, “I’m so excited to see the Golden Gael Palace come to fruition. One of my goals is to raise awareness of the school menu and provide healthy options. It’s awesome to watch the creative students in the business and entrepreneur classes participate and make a dream come true.”

The Golden Gael Palace opens on Monday (9/25). Please consider coming out to support this dream and the hard work of your fellow students, by ordering some delicious, new Asian food.