Summer Never Ends When You Work at the Wave!

In May of  2017, the City of Dublin opened the Wave, an aquatic recreation center  in Emerald Glen Park. Many students at Dublin High pursued summer jobs at this new facility. From slide attendant to lifeguard, there are many posts to be filled.


But what is it like to work at the Wave? Is it really all sun, fun, and water?


Ana Gabal, a DHS senior, worked as a slide attendant at the Wave for a month this summer.


“The perks of working [at the Wave] are that everyone there is pretty nice”, said Gabal, adding that she “made a lot of friends.” She lamented that “it’s a little boring a lot of times” and that the Wave is understaffed, but recommends working at the Wave as a summer job, even if it entails working with “annoying kids who can’t listen”.


Akemi Enerio, another DHS senior and slide attendant, spoke fondly about her job.


“Working at the Wave is fun because the majority of the employees are around my age [and] we get along pretty well,” she said.


She advised anyone interested in working at the Wave to study cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid, as all Wave employees are required to be first aid and CPR certified (although, after they are hired, the Wave trains and certifies employees in these skills). Without these skills beforehand, she went on to say, one should “get ready for lots of watching videos and reading to get the certification.”


Enerio recommends working at the Wave because “it’s fun and [a] different experience than most jobs.”


Another DHS student, who wished to remain anonymous, had nothing but positive things to say about her  experience as a swim instructor at the Wave, commenting that she liked  “the newness” of the Wave, and how fun the children  were to be around. She added that she joined the team at the Wave to be a part of the Dublin community, and benefit it.


“It’s a great first experience for a first job,” the employee went on to say, “just pay attention in training, know what to do, and take initiative.”


Interested in working at the Wave? Visit this link here for more details!