Public Art Final: Collette Lee

Collettee Lee, Guest Writer

This past year of taking AP Studio Art has been an extremely valuable and interesting experience in which I was encouraged to expand my boundaries and explore new styles through 2D-design. For my final project, I captured four portraits of my friends using experimental lighting. My goal was to create a warm and dreamy atmosphere focusing on the beauty of these girls, all with unique personalities and interests. Most of the models in these photos were people I grew closer to through AP art, and so for that I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences that this AP course has provided to me. Though the year is coming to an end and I will no longer be taking pictures for my AP art portfolio anymore, I will continue to practice photography with the newfound techniques and skills that I have acquired through the course of this year. Special thanks to Jiwon Han, Hannah Park, Dominique Calaguas, and Claudia Tang for modeling.


“Claudia”   Collette Lee
“Hannah”Collette Lee
“Jiwon” Collette Lee
“Dominique” Collette Lee