Creepy Clowns Across America?

In the past several weeks, clown sightings have been popping up across America. Starting with clowns luring children into the woods in South Carolina, frightening clown sightings have been reported in more than two dozen states. Although many sightings are hoaxes, some have resulted in arrests. With the numbers of sightings and clown-related incidents increasing, communities have acted to combat the mounting fear, including students from Pennsylvania State University going around campus streets to carry out a “mass clown hunt”. The clown frenzy seems to be spreading from the east coast to the west, with one of the most recent “creepy clown” sightings reported in Modesto, California.

Dublin High School students were asked how they would feel if they happened to run into a clown, and as predicted, some said that they’d be scared and frightened. “If a clown came up to me, I think I would burst out in tears,” says Shayari Saha. This kind of response is perfectly understandable; after all, the reported clowns have not only been lurking around towns, but there have also been reports of clowns threatening and attacking people.

At the same time, other DHS students thought that the whole situation was not as frightening or as serious as other think. Ally Loo laughed it off, remarking,“I think it’s funny. I would actually want to be scared by a clown because I don’t think they’re going to attack me or anything.”