The Real Questions, Part 2: Why Am I a Feminist?

The Real Questions is an unconventional series by managing editor Ashley Kim, covering everything in the realm of teenager daily life. Part blog post, part advice column, and part news article, this series wants to answer, well, the real questions.

When I wrote this, I first searched it up on Google to clearly define feminist.

A feminist is someone that believes that men and women deserve to have equal opportunities. He or she believes that everyone is equal, regardless of gender.

And that’s all a feminist is.

So, there is only one reason that I am a feminist: everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

That includes women, who are constantly being tossed aside as incapable or weak. They are expected to be beautiful without being sexy, skinny without being anorexic, curvy without being that dreaded word- fat. And yet no one expects the ideal woman to be a leader, a scientist, or an engineer.

Everyone deserves the same opportunities without the societal stereotypes that women face.

I’ve observed this in the news that I watch and read everyday, the social media that I check, and more importantly, in my own life. So, without further ado, here are the real reasons I am a feminist.

I am a feminist because I am tired of nitpicking my flaws as I subconsciously compare myself to all the other women around me.

I am a feminist because I have nothing to say except “I think you’re beautiful” when my friends tell me that they feel fat and ugly.

I am a feminist because I don’t think girls should always be told, “you’re going to be a great mother” and never instead of “you’re going to be a world changer”.

I am a feminist because when I told people that I wanted to be a surgeon, they laughed at me and told me that it was a man’s job.

I am a feminist because I shouldn’t have to live in a world where I’m afraid to walk in the dark alone.

I am a feminist because I have to be thankful for guy friends that will wait for my mom to pick me up in the dark after band rehearsal- but also because there was a man who walked by and said quietly to himself, “I mean, look at her. She shouldn’t have to wait alone.”

My friends didn’t hear him, but I did.

I am a feminist because I am furious at every instance of rape where the victim was asked what was she wearing.

I am a feminist because none of my friends and I should have to compare ourselves to supermodels when it comes to standards of beauty. We should know that we are all beautiful.

I am a feminist because I’ve known girls who were dress coded because of their clothes were distracting to boys.

I am a feminist because guys have the idea that every girl is a “fish in the sea” and that they can hit on us any time they want.

I am a feminist because I’ve heard the word feminazi used in a joke.

I am a feminist because when a boy was being unreasonably mean to me, my friends joked, “He probably likes you.”

I am a feminist because I am so tired of being followed by the same boy, who presumably likes me, ever since we shared the same Biology class in freshman year.

I am a feminist because I had to protect my friend from her harassing ex-boyfriend.

I am a feminist because my friend once whispered in my ear, “I know you’re trying to be nice, but don’t hug him. He’s kind of creepy.”

I am a feminist because everyone deserves to be treated with respect, and right now, women all around the world are not. The girls at our school are not. I am not.

And we deserve better.



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I will be compiling them into one article with the title “The Real Questions, Part 3: Why are YOU a feminist?”