Skit Rally: A Night to Remember


This past Wednesday, Dublin High School hosted its annual Homecoming Skit Rally. The night was filled with electric performances from band, choir, the Hip Hop and Cheer teams, and each class’ skit group. This year’s overall homecoming theme was “Roads”, and each class shined with their individual class themes.

The freshmen class, whose theme was “Wallaby Way”, kicked off the night with an endearing skit based on the story of Finding Nemo. It followed Nemo’s journey to school, and his father’s rush to bring Nemo his forgotten lanyard. Throughout the skit, the freshman incorporated jokes from the movie. Nemo touched “the butt”, while the sharks chanted that “Freshman are friends, not food!” at the seniors. The skit included every freshmen at the rally, as even the audience joined the fun as the minnows who helped Nemo find his way to school. Though it was their first year, the freshmen came prepared and surprised the crowd with their clever storyline.

Up next were the Sophomores, who picked “Route 66” as their theme. The class incorporated Lightning McQueen, Mater, and other key Cars characters in their story of a race for the homecoming cup. After passing by Flo’s cafe and the memorable car shop from the movie, the Gaels came out victorious. The sophomores ended their skit with amazingly choreographed dance that left the crowd wanting more. Their second year at the Skit Rally was a successful and spirited one.

The Juniors followed with a skit that told the story of “Rainbow Road” from Mario Kart. Their props and costumes were bright and colorful rainbow colors, allowing them to shine. In the skit, Mario and his gang created Rainbow Road, on which they raced Granada for the Homecoming Cup. Mario came out victorious, and a defeated Granada team began to leave. However, the Gaels asked them to stay and celebrate with them. They told the surprised Granada team that nothing, even a rivalry, could break the welcoming and inclusive spirit of Dublin High School. The Juniors truly came together for their third year of Homecoming with a story that encapsulated the true meaning of being a Gael.

Lastly came the Senior skit. With the theme of “the Yellow Brick Road”, the class’ skit told the story of Dorothy “Gael” from the Wizard of Oz as a senior in High School. Their story followed Dorothy, who was back home in Dublin, as she stressed over the responsibilities of senior year. After taking a nap one day, Dorothy unexpectedly woke up in Oz, where she met all of her old friends–the Munchkins, the Scarecrow, and the Lion–who remind her that being a Gael is about more than college applications, grades, and test scores. Glinda the Good Witch met Dorothy along the way as well, and helped her to realize that there truly is “No place like DHS”. With an emotional trip down memory lane, the Senior skit pulled at heartstrings and brought tears to audience members’ eyes. At their last Skit Rally, the Class of 2017 left their mark with an unforgettable performance.

With so many amazing performances and so much spirit, Dublin High had one of its best Skit Rallies and has already started off the school year strong. The rest of this year and the future of Dublin High are looking bright.


Pictures of the Class of 2017 Skit Performers:

*Not from the Class of 2017? Send [email protected] your pictures!


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