Silent Night 2016

On February 22, 2016, Dublin High School’s second annual Silent Night was held at the Dublin High Sports Complex.

For those who do not know, Silent Night is when the student section of DHS stay quiet until the tenth point, and when the tenth point is scored, the students cheer loudly for the team. Dublin High’s first Silent Night last year was extremely successful, with our boys varsity team even being featured on the major sports channel ESPN, and everyone looked forward to 2015’s Silent Night as well.

This year, Dublin High’s varsity basketball boys played against Alhambra on Silent Night. With the silence of the students and people filming the game, the boys were under pressure, but they played extremely well. The beginning of the game was quiet, with the Alhambra and Dublin boys scoring in quick succession, and the eery silence of the anticipating crowd furthered the intensity and stakes of the game.

However, as the ball went through the hoop to give Dublin the tenth point, the DHS student section cheered and shouted loudly, showing the boys their support. Sophomore Presley Shum exclaimed, “I felt so alive and really energetic!” Then, the varsity team continued to play with spirit, quickly pulling ahead as the gap between the scores became larger and as the students cheered even louder. Afterwards, the boys won with an astounding victory, the final score being Dublin 86, Alhambra 38. The Friday that concluded the last day of the first semester was indeed a day to celebrate!