Students share how to balance reading time


Shreya Mathur

Examples of books some students may read concurrently with novels assigned by their English classes.

Often times it can be tough reading books one enjoys along with those assigned by English teachers–as high school progresses so does the amount of time needed to be spent analyzing those class books.  Many Dublin High students offer advice for managing reading time and finding chances to read novels for pleasure concurrently with ones required for English class.

Some students like junior Annalisa Watson are held back from finding time to read other works by busy schedules, but manage to find time on holidays and weekends to read their favorites.

“I don’t have time to read but I do like reading and I genuinely enjoy the books I’m assigned for class,” Watson says. “I recommend reading before bed or on vacations.”

Most students are relaxed during vacations, holidays and school days that seem less stressful.  These may be the perfect times to read novels for pleasure and enjoyment while analyzing those from class.  This allows students to balance their reading time both in class and at home during their free time.

For many, understanding both novels and being able to correctly analyze the plots of both books can be difficult. Choosing books that are completely different from the ones assigned can help prevent this from happening.

“For me, it’s easy to manage both books while still understanding the plot of the one assigned because the books cover very different topics,” sophomore Anvita Valluru says. “The books I read are not similar to the ones assigned by my English teacher so I don’t tend to mix them up.”

This can eliminate any confusion a student may have if they’re reading different books at the same time, giving them a chance to correctly analyze their assigned reading while enjoying other choices.  And according to Watson, just apply yourself to the books as best as you can, making sure that it does not take away from time that can be spent understanding the one needed to ace the next test.

Finding time to read throughout the day during breaks, lunches or times when students need to reduce their stress is also a great way to manage time to read books for pleasure.

“Manage time within your homework,” junior Vanessa Ureño says. “Take a few breaks in between to read your preferred choice.”This can work on days that aren’t as busy as others or when the homework load is large. Reading during breaks can help ease stress, especially before a big test or after working on a difficult project or assignment.  It is possible to fit favorite books into the schedule while making sure that other assignments are still in order.

Though some students see it hard to enjoy other books while reading material their English teachers have assigned, there are many ways to manage reading times.  It just depends on school activities and schedules, but it’s worth trying. Finding time to read books students really enjoy while reading the books assigned by their classes can add excitement and wonder to a seemingly dull day.