DHS is ready for the Class of 2015

Erin Bradley, Student Life Editor

With the graduating class of 2014 getting ready to leave high school, it’s the time of the year where another class takes the throne of the high school kingdom. That’s right, it’s finally time for the class of 2015 to become seniors. The fun events and perks of being seniors are within arms reach. With the days counting down for graduation, the incoming seniors are waiting for the first senior event that comes with the next school year.


“It’s exciting to think that we’re almost out of high school,” junior Sereena Patel says. “But I’m ready for what senior Year has in store for me and my fellow classmates” Patel adds.

Becoming a senior means a lot of new responsibilities that come with being the “Top Dogs”. Having the underclassmen look up to you, and trying to eliminate most of the high school drama as possible. Some students like junior Zahra Albasha think that this year, there has been too much drama for one year.

“Besides the constant bickering between classes, this year has been great and I can’t wait for senior year.” Albasha says.

It feels as if it were only yesterday that the class of 2015 were little freshmen. According to junior Katie Roderick, they were also known as “Fresh meat”. As freshman enters high school, they cannot wait until the day they can finally call themselves seniors. As crazy as it sounds, some students are nervous for their senior year, and to graduate next June.

“I still don’t know what I want to do after high school,” junior Silas Jackson says. “I still have one more year to figure out my plans” Jackson adds.

As the last days of junior year are coming to an end, students reflect on the past years here at Dublin High. The friends they’ve made, the classes they took, the sports they played, and the class activities they’ve participated in. When you’re a senior here at Dublin High, you’re expected to have the most spirit out of everyone in the school. If you don’t there is a chance that underclassmen could win during a Greek Week competition or even Homecoming.


“I haven’t really participated in dress up days this year,” junior Angelina Warlich says. “I

know I will definitely dress up next year, go big or go home right?” Warlich adds.

Becoming a senior definitely has it’s perks, but it’s not all about the activities and celebrations. It’s about coming together as a class and enjoying this final year in high school. Creating memories that should last a lifetime.