How will students choose a college?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics about 6 in 10 recent high school graduates enrolled in college and universities . More than half of high school  graduates go to college, but where do they go? There are over 120 different colleges in California alone! So with all the options where will you go?

While some seniors might be going local, others have different plans. As the majority of people who walk off this campus next year will be enrolled in a school, possibly thousands of miles away!

Senior Dylan Chiang explains how that he made his decision on where would be able to live.

“Im going to go to Chico to study business and become an accountant,” Chiang. “I plan on living with my cousin down there.”

Maybe you don’t have the best of grades to get into a four year or if you don’t like leaving  there are always local community colleges. There is Las Positas college located in Livermore and Diablo Valley Community located in Pleasant Hill.

“I’m going to Las Positas college because I want to save money over a 4 year,” senior Connor Moller explains. “Im going to Las Positas because it’s the closest community college to my house,” states Moller.

In contrast you could make your decision based on the sports you’re trying to pursue, or the specific education you are trying to get.  Sports, family, scholarship, there are a ton of reasons you could attend school.

“I’m focused on sports and getting a good education in college,” senior Andrew Totaro states. “I want to go to Cal Poly, or UCSB–I’m making my decision with the help of my parents.”