Relationships with Empty Wallets

Being a gentleman can be very complicated when girls expect so much. Men are expected to be close, but not too clingy; sweet, but have a bad side; attentive, but not too creepy, and lastly to pay for everything. If girls would always say that money doesn’t buy happiness, but everybody knows the boy is a cheapskate if he didn’t.

“As of being the guy in a relationship, I love to spoil my girlfriend,” Alberto Hernandez, a freshman stated ,”I think it is a way to show that you care on dates.”

Even though Hernandez shows his affection by paying for dates, other guys in Dublin High School believe that it’s the girls duty.

“I’m in high school and don’t have a job!” Francisco Ramos, a junior stated,”How will I buy dinner for her when I can barely feed myself with my allowance?”

Although many people may say Ramos is cheap, he feels that he is being realistic. It’s a fact that over half of the students of DHS do not have a job. This can be troubling because girls grow up to expect these thing from guys even though they are not financially able to.

“I will expect a guy to pay for our dates because that’s the way things work,” Sierra Salvo, a junior stated.

This implies it is the guy’s duty to spoil his girlfriend to keep the relationship afloat. It makes the girls of Dublin High School feel special and grateful.

Girls grow up to believe that men are always the one to make sacrifices for the girl. Ever since childhood, most Disney movies always said that the prince is always the one that has to go through dangerous journeys to save the princess. Even in T.V. shows that students watch, the man supports the women in the relationship. This affects the way women approach relationships.

“I think society affected my opinion because it always shows the guy showing off to the girl, not the other way around,” junior Alyssa Chau replied.

At times guys need a financial break too. It’s always good when both partners contribute into the relationship.