DHS Spotlight: Student Hobbies


ABOVE: On the right, Robert Durst plays during his hockey game.

Whether it’s participating in a sport or playing an instrument for fun or for college, students at Dublin High are extremely passionate when it comes to their hobbies at this school.

Not only are students taught to excel in academics, but extracurricular activities as well , and some students devote so much of their time to their out-of-school activity that they even see it as a career choice.

“I’m going to college as a dance major,” says Mariko McCully, a senior at Dublin High. “I practice around six days a week, year round.”

McCully’s has been dancing for a total of fourteen years; it shows us just how significant some hobbies can become in a person’s life. Most of the scholarships she earns allows her to attend summer dance programs. With this said, McCully isn’t the only student at Dublin High that devotes a lot of her time to a rigorous activity.

“When I was younger, I used to think of cello as a chore, but now that I’m older, I actually really enjoy playing, especially as part of an orchestra,” explains Jennifer Lee, another senior at Dublin High.

Much like McCully, Lee has been perfecting for hobby since she was very young, having begun at the age of six. This past summer, she was even associate principal cellist of KAMSA Youth Symphony Orchestra. Robert Durst, another senior who is passionate about hockey, has also won awards and titles.

“When I am not in school I am either doing homework, watching hockey, playing hockey, or talking about hockey with my brother,” Durst stated. “I have been playing hockey since I was six and ice skating since I was three.”

Durst practices four days a week and will be playing hockey in college. He won the Pacific District regionals in 2009, placed 3rd at USA hockey nationals the same year, and even scored the first goal ever in Dublin High hockey history three years ago.

McCully, Lee, and Durst all have an extracurricular that is important to them. Likewise, it is important that students at Dublin High are able to recognize the time and effort that they put into their hobbies, and maybe take into consideration pursuing a passion of their own.