Erin Bradley

Examples of Tweets from @bestofdhs

The online social network Twitter, has been around for quite a few years now, and as the years go by, we are starting to find some new trends from this social media party. Dublin High students have had a past of creating anonymous Twitter or Instagram accounts, and this year, it’s been worse than any other previous years. There is currently a new twitter account, @Bestofdhs, that has been active for a few weeks now. According to the source itself, this account was made to point out the positive aspects about students here at DHS.

“The best of DHS according to most people’s views! Example: best smile, funniest, style, etc!” This was the first tweet that was posted when the account was made. By tweeting that, it set some positive and high expectations, those quickly came tumbling down. Within a few days, the negative and harsh comments had began. Some students who have been tweeted about, take these words very seriously, and there are others like junior, Angelina Warlich, who just brush it off.

“I don’t really care for the account because I’m never apart of it nor do I ever tweet them back”, Warlich says. “But I think it’s wrong how a person can get a rise out of making others feel bad about themselves”.

Creating an anonymous account and bashing people for how they are or what they do, isn’t what we need here at Dublin High, and it’s students like Warlich who understand that harsh words should never hurt someone, especially when it’s over the internet.

Some students influence or encourage the account whether it be responding to the tweets, or asking for more.

“I can’t make them stop, but I can’t ask for more?” senior Antione Hart says. “Just because I ask, doesn’t mean they’ll deliver”.

When people like what they see, they want more and more. Well in this case, less is more. This account has been tweeting things that they have seen or heard through a third party source. And immediately report it to the followers of this account. The less they tweet, the more people would like to see. The juicy stories, the secrets of the seniors, or even the shy wallflowers. Everyone wants to know what they know, but little do they know that these stories are affecting people.

“A lot of girls are more insecure, and I feel that giving this account attention is making the drama worse,” Warlich adds.

Although some people are just as pleased with getting things tweeted about them rather than not at all, it doesn’t seem to make a difference to them one way or another.

Senior, Tmarco Scott says, “Positive things have been tweeted about me so far”. Nor does he really care if he gets tweeted about him or not.

This account is doing nothing but setting a bad example for the students here at Dublin High. They’re showing that it’s perfectly okay to share stories about people that aren’t meant for the public, and that it’s okay to hide behind a computer screen to talk to people. This needs to be ended one way or another, this type of confrontation can’t be going on through the power of an anonymous account. As long as @BestofDHS is in control of what gets said and what doesn’t, we won’t have a choice but to believe it. The choice, is all up to the students of Dublin High.