Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you’re ecstatic! From seeing family members to eating great food! During Thanksgiving I have a big dinner with the majority of my family attending, that’s what I do. I have been doing this same routine since i was young, but I always wondered if what everybody else did was similar or different to what i do.

    “I’m very excited for Thanksgiving,” Sho Ikegami, a Senior says.  “Thanksgiving is just me and my family having a big dinner.”

Ikegami says his thanksgiving is nothing too special, but he does enjoy spending the time with his family during the holidays.

    Senior Jake Bye might be the happiest student that Thanksgiving is coming up. For people who don’t personally know jake, he loves to eat.

“Of course I’m excited for Thanksgiving, who wouldn’t love eating a lot of good food?” Bye says.

Similar to Sho, Jake just has a small dinner with his family. According to Bye his thanksgiving night is nothing too special; the food and family is all he needs to have a good holiday.

    Senior Taylor Holman does something a little bit different; she has a big family dinner with her whole entire family and then sees a movie every year. According to some employees, not many people do this. Although it can be a good way to be with your family and enjoy the holiday.
“My family including my grandparents all get together for a nice dinner,” Holman says. “It’s not about the food but the people you are with.”

    It seems that most people do a similar activities for thanksgiving involving, family and food. That’s what it comes down to this Thanksgiving. So enjoy the week off from school, if you’re a student, and have a happy thanksgiving with your loved ones.