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The official Student News Site of Dublin High School.

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The official Student News Site of Dublin High School.

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What is a Well Rounded Student?

Karina Gurusiddaiah
ABOVE: Sereena Patel studying for her AP Psychology class, during her TA period.

Sports. Clubs. School. Friends. For most, it’s the sign of a well rounded student; to others, it’s the necessary characteristics for a college student. Students classify a successful high school student to be active in sports, committed to clubs, exceeding academic expectations, and so forth. Dublin High has a program that allows high school students to excel in their years to come, with helpful counselors, teachers and supervisors.

Junior Marina Teetsels talks about her future with college in mind.

“School is my number one priority,” Teetsel then goes into depth about what she wants to do later. “Even though I don’t know what I want to be yet, I have to keep my school work up, which will allow me to have a wide range of options later,” she says.

There are many options for students whether it involves going to college or not.

Along with being a good academic student, be cognizant that college administrators will look for other activities, such as clubs and organizations you have worked or volunteered with. Counselor Caroline Rubio says that colleges look for students who have been engaged throughout high school.

Mrs. Rubio explains that a well rounded student is “someone who has balance between academics, activities, and their personal life.”

Along with that, clubs are a good way to be involved with your peers,

“Everyone has their own gifts to bring… kids who are active are much happier,” she continues to say.

Junior Sereena Patel has been preparing for the SATs. She says it’s important to her family as well.

“My dad has signed me up for classes, my goal is to get over a 2000,” she states.

With colleges in mind, Patel continues to talk about her time cheering for the competition team, her social life and the helping with the Amnesty club.

“I do one thing at a time, so it has my full attention, whether I am at cheer or school,” Patel says.

In Teetsel’s opinion getting an education is important, because it will provide a backbone in the future. Good education means many more chances.

“Always make sure you have something to lean back on, and be careful with your priorities,” Teetsel says.