Do you buy lunch?

Students all know about the variety of lunch options, but when they go off campus where do they go to buy lunch? Being able to leave campus for lunch gives the option to go buy food. One thing though, where would do you go?

“I don’t eat often during lunch, I usually just wait until after school and go home and eat,” says senior Marcos Benevides, he also goes out everyday but doesn’t usually buy.  When asked where he buys lunch, he says he buys anywhere cheap so basically dollar menu stores.

Senior Anthony Herrington claims he doesn’t buy lunch that often because he likes to bring lunch to save money and be healthier. “Whenever I do buy though I go to somewhere cheap, like McDonald’s” says Herrington.

“I buy often at cheap places like Wendy’s and McDonald’s,” Senior Dom Katunaric says. Although he tries to bring lunch occasionally so that he can save some money.

“I feel like Safeway is the best option because you have a wider range of food to choose from,” Senior Austin Sergi says that he likes to go to Safeway. Sergi Claims that he usually gets some of the Safeway Deli Chicken.

So it seems the places to go at lunch is where the dollar menu is at. The question students have to ask themselves if they’re going off campus for lunch is, where can you get the most for your dollar? The common answer to that seems to be cheap places like McDonald’s or Wendy’s. Students can also bring lunch if to either save money and even have a healthier meal than what they could get on or off campus.